Founded in 1972, The Broe Group is a privately held company encompassing two generations of family-ownership.

Pat Broe

Founder and CEO

Pat Broe founded his namesake company in 1972 as a Denver-based real estate asset management firm. Beginning with small residential and commercial rehabilitations, he soon began to accumulate a portfolio of properties. He began trading land, assembling development sites and repositioning commercial properties, primarily in the central business district of Denver. These activities provided the base from which The Broe Group grew and diversified into its present form.

Over the course of four decades, Mr. Broe has built a diversified private equity investment enterprise with a multi-billion-dollar asset base with investments spanning a wide range of industries, including commercial and residential real estate, medical office buildings and assisted living communities, diverse transportation-based companies, medical devices, agricultural investments as well as energy ventures such as oil and gas exploration and production and coal mining.

Mr. Broe focuses on the strategic direction of the company, investment policy and financing activities, and the identification of attractive assets for acquisition.

Kiki Broe


Kiki Broe is currently a partner at Three Leaf Ventures, a venture-stage fund focused on leveraging wireless communication technology to transform the conventional healthcare model. Partnering with entrepreneurs and innovators from seed to pre-IPO stage financing, Three Leaf Ventures focuses on health, IT, mobile and consumer applications, telemedicine and genomics that foster proactive, educated and engaged consumers, advance the shift from population-based medicine to individualized healthcare, and improve personal health and healthcare.

Ms. Broe is the oldest daughter of Pat Broe and holds a certificate in Public Health Sciences from the Colorado School of Public Health and a B.A. in Neuroscience from Pomona College.

Sean Broe


Sean Broe is the eldest son of founder Pat Broe and has been involved with the Broe Organization since 2009.

Beginning in residential real estate, Sean founded Broe Real Estate’s foreclosure flipping program “RE Acquisitions,” successfully acquiring and divesting more than 180 single homes in the period of 18 months.

Mr. Broe also spent a considerable portion of his tenure at Broe as a principal member of The Great Western Oil and Gas Company, where he was responsible for long-term strategic oversight and integration of the rapidly expanding energy platform.

While continuing to play a role in the strategic direction of Broe Real Estate, Mr. Broe is also a Board Member of OmniTRAX where he is responsible for determining long-term strategic direction as well as oversight of corporate culture and development.


Carl Peterson

CFO and Chief Investment Officer

Carl Peterson joined the Broe Group in 2017 as Chief Operating Officer. A member of the Broe Executive Committee, he assumed his current role in 2021. Carl is responsible for coordinating financial planning, raising capital, investment reviews, and capital allocation across the Broe Group and its platform businesses.

Carl joined The Broe Group after a twenty-year tenure at GE Capital, most recently serving as Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at GE Energy Financial Services. In his most recent position, he was responsible for a $14 billion investment portfolio including private equity and specialized loan products. Before General Electric, he served our nation as a Nuclear Submarine Officer in the United States Navy for over six years.

Mr. Peterson is graduate of the United States Naval Academy and received his B.S. in Marine Engineering. He obtained his M.B.A. from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Doug Van Wyk

General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer

Doug Van Wyk joined the Broe Group in 2009 as vice president of tax. In 2019, Doug was promoted to his current role as general counsel and chief compliance officer. Doug oversees all legal matters, provides oversight of transactions, and shapes policy and capital allocation strategy for The Broe Group and its lines of business. Van Wyk is also a member of The Broe Group Executive Committee.

Mr. Van Wyk holds a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and accounting from Iowa State University and a Juris Doctor degree in tax and business law from Creighton University.