Cohero Health Secures $2M Seed Investment

Creator of innovative respiratory disease management platform closes seed round, led by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts’ Zaffre Investments.


December 15, 2015

Cohero Health, a digital health company focused on developing connected health tools and technologies to empower respiratory patients and improve care through smart mobile devices, has announced that they closed a seed investment round of 2 million dollars. Key investors include Zaffre Investments, the investment arm of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Three Leaf Ventures an affiliate of the Broe Group, Bioadvance and Swanhill Capital. StartUp Health, of which Cohero Health is a member, also participated via their digital health syndicate on AngelList.

Cohero Health’s connected devices and mobile applications actively engage and empower respiratory patients by measuring lung function and tracking adherence. The company’s proprietary platform comprises wireless medication inhaler sensors to track patient adherence, an FDA cleared mobile spirometer to measure lung function, mobile applications to engage patients, generate custom reminders and reward compliance, and access to custom data via HIPAA-compliant servers to support robust patient monitoring.

Cohero Health is the first and only company to enable tracking of controller medication, rescue medication and discern lung function in real-time, in an integrated comprehensive model. The company is poised to transform care of asthma and COPD patients through improved selfmanagement, and by empowering clinicians with critical components of optimal respiratory care, knowing how patients are using their medication and how they are responding.

Cohero Health has successfully deployed its platform at Mount Sinai Health System and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and plans to announce more partnerships before year’s end. Early results have shown a 2.5 times increase in medication adherence over standard of care, and 100% reduction in hospitalizations. “We are committed to building a platform that is dedicated to the key challenges faced by the respiratory community,” said Melissa Manice, PhD, Co-Founder. “Cohero Health connects patients to care providers in an unprecedented way, allowing for the many stakeholders in the respiratory community to benefit from a tool that addresses proactive treatment compliance and mobile lung function monitoring. The funds raised and depth of expertise of our strategic investors allow us to ramp up manufacturing and bring us to full commercial readiness to meet current customer demand.” “We are dedicated to advancing health care companies that help people become more informed and engaged in their health and wellbeing,” said Steve Agular, Managing Director at Zaffre Investments. “This partnership is an exciting opportunity, as the Cohero Health platform has proven to show a real benefit to consumers dealing with respiratory issues and has led to improved health outcomes.” The company plans to use the funding to scale production of its devices to support large customer deployments, and the full-scale commercial launch of its platform.

About Cohero Health, LLC

Cohero Health is a digital health company developing innovative tools and technologies to improve respiratory care, reduce avoidable costs and optimize medication use. The company’s connected devices and mobile applications actively engage and empower respiratory patients by measuring lung function and tracking adherence. Based in New York, the company is a member of StartUp Health, Springboard Enterprises, and Grand Central Tech.