The Broe Story /

“Seeing opportunities is not enough. You have to act – and wisely.”Pat Broe, Founder and CEO, The Broe Group

Starting in Colorado, but now extending across North America, the Broe story is a history of critical investments, each one a chance to revitalize communities and transform industries, one transaction at a time.

Pat Broe started by recognizing the value in Denver’s 1970s real-estate market and capitalizing on it.

At that time his small share of the American Dream had roofs on it. Forty years later, that dream is much bigger than just duplexes and fixer-uppers. Now, along with over 1000 employees of the Broe Group and its affiliates, Broe owns and manages a multi-billion dollar portfolio of affiliated energy,

transport, technology, and real estate assets across the United States and Canada.

It continues to be a journey of seized opportunities.

With its strong asset base and willingness to take the long view, Broe is poised to help accelerate America’s industrial renaissance well into the 21st century.

The timeline below reflects a few key moments, of seeing value that others miss, and working to make that value real.

And it’s just the beginning.