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An economy in flux always means value creation for those on the lookout.

Some see these as turbulent times. We see opportunity.

That’s where too many others stop—but that’s exactly where Broe starts. That’s where we can supply what’s missing: strategy, capital, management, motion.

Together, we can create value while others hesitate.

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Capitalizing on Market Trends


Broe is an actively managed, family-owned business and industrial enterprise with four primary business platforms and a keen focus on growth through acquisitions and investment. The company has a continuing interest in real estate, transport assets, energy and venture investments, as outlined below.

Real Estate Investments


Forty-year track record, with more than one billion dollars currently invested in North American commercial real estate and infrastructure, netting a 47% IRR over three decades. Broe’s comprehensive real estate operating platform includes acquisitions, construction management, asset management, leasing and property management.

Transport Investments


OmniTRAX, our transport business, is a leading North American railroad and infrastructure company that includes rail services, logistics services, port management, transload operations and industrial development.

Energy Investments


Great Western Oil & Gas is a rapidly growing shale oil-focused, onshore U.S. exploration and production company. It is a top-10 oil producer in the Denver-Julesberg Basin with multiple pay zone opportunities.

Venture Investments


Broe has multiple other investment affiliates, including Three Leaf Venturesa venture-stage fund supporting transformative healthcare technology. Current Three Leaf investments include Scanadu, Invitae and HealthTell.

Case Studies

  • Stewardship #

    2005: Great Western Ranch

    Value from Stewardship

    457 square miles of New Mexican expanse seen as over-grazed flyover land. Pat Broe saw what was missing for the park-like rangelands, what kept them from becoming one of the country’s most valuable properties.

    • Preserve the overall ecology by restoring pastures and wildlife refuges.
    • Develop a best-in-class water system to support four-season grazing, irrigated farming, and improved native grasses.
    • Tailor the cattle breed to the specific New Mexico climate.
    • Establish a resident herd of 1500 prized trophy elk, and the hunting operations to manage the herd at its optimal count.

    Broe sold the new American showcase for almost three times its purchase price.

  • miles of opportunity #

    1986: The Great Western Railway

    Seeing What Others Missed

    In 1986, when Pat Broe bought the scattered remains of the Great Western Sugar Company from bankruptcy, one asset especially caught his eye: a small railway that had hauled sugar beets for 85 years.

    That Great Western Railway of Colorado still turned a small profit, moving 500 rail cars annually. But Broe saw something more, something others had missed.

    He saw eighty miles of opportunity.

    • Aggressive business development along a prime industrial corridor.
    • Public and private partnerships enabling new business models.
    • A lower cost, more skilled, and more flexible workforce.

    In 2014 that throwaway short-line spur ran 50,000 rail cars as the backbone of the Great Western Industrial Park.


    2013: Three Leaf Ventures

    Where Healthcare and Innovation Collide

    America spends more than $3 trillion on healthcare each year, often through mass-marketed and dated practices. Advances in communication technology and computing power are converging with medicine to offer a progressive approach to how we manage our health care towards a more precise, efficient and cost-effective solution.

    We recognized this emerging opportunity to offer far more than simply financial benefit.

    • The Creation of Three-Leaf Ventures, to invest in healthcare innovation by funding venture-stage companies.
    • Partnering with entrepreneurs from seed to pre-IPO stage financings across the U.S. and worldwide.
    • Targeting health, IT, mobile and consumer applications, telemedicine and genomics.

    More than $50 million of capital has been dedicated to meeting the intersection of technology and medicine. Investments range from smartphone-enabled health monitoring (Scanadu), to advanced genetic testing (Invitae) and fluid-based diagnostics (HealthTell).

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